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Frequently Asked Questions

The Boat Leaves At ....o’clock- 
If you’ve been asked to meet at a certain time in the morning don’t be late.  Fishing AT Daylight, hitting the tide or getting The Hole can
make or break a successful day and even 15 minutes can make a huge difference.

Give yourself plenty of drive time to make up for bad weather, fog and finding the right place.  And if you need time to use the restroom, put on gear etc get there early enough for that too.

Keep it on the down low-  Many of the places we fish are productive because there are few other boats around.  I like to keep it that way.  If too many people talk about were we are etc than soon the fishing isn’t as good for anybody.  I usually let people know were we‘ll be fishing on a need to know basis.

Ocean Fishing-  If you have a trip booked for Tillamook or Nehalem Bays we will likely go in the ocean.  If this is a concern ask before your trip.

Sea Sickness-  The Columbia can be choppy and the “motion of the ocean” can affect some people.  If you think there’s a chance you’ll not feel well plan on it.  Dramamine taken at least an hour before the trip is a good idea, if you take it after being sick, you’ll just throw it up and it won’t work.  A lot of times while fishing the ocean one in four guests get sick.  Usually it’s the guy who claims to not need anything.

fish's tails sticking out of coolerTransporting your catch.-    Bring a BIG cooler to bring your fish home in.  Too often clients show up with a cooler that’s drastically too small for all the fish they will be bringing home.

Restrooms-  Men have it easy but for the ladies, we will take you in to the facilities if you need them.  I will usually tell the ladies when the best time of day for a break and we can make plans accordingly.

Length of Trip-  An eight to nine hour day is normal but a lot of time we end up fishing longer if the bite gets hot at quit time, or if we’ve had a slow day.

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